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The ultimate distortion pedal!
You only really need one – well maybe two…

You see, a little whyle ago I had asked my father to help me out with one of my distortion pedals. I thought he needed a distracting project, so I said "Dad, I want this thing to do that." So, in no-time, he gave me a prototype. Then a little bit later, I returned and said, "Now, I want to also do this." After a bit of back-and-forth, he presented me with yet another hand-made unit that not only did this, and that, but did a whole bunch of other things too. Mother was not amused. She said "You are a bad child. Your father spent his entire life getting rid of distortion, and now you ask him to generate it?"

Now I wish to offer to you this little box. It distorts like no other unit on the market – a world first, just like many of my father's designs. This box accepts a standard power jack – common in the stomp box world, but it does NOT care about the polarity of the connector – it internally sorts that out. So, no more adaptors, or proprietary supplies. It runs off a basic 9V battery, you can use it as either a clean boost – or push it in to overdrive if you so wish. Or you can use any one of four distortion diodes to give you your sound a special flavour. Select glass Germanium diodes for a liquid, vintage feel. Choose Silicon diodes to give you more of a modern edge. Maybe you want something to match your playing dynamics, choose the LED's. Or if you want an ultra-modern distortion, then the FET's are for you.

The pedal comes in four flavours – a fiery Redhead, a rambunctious Blonde, a seductive Brunette, and industrial grey. They are hand made by me in small batches, and if you wish, I can customize them especially for you. All the pedals sound and behave the same – I just have the four styles for fun. Inside, you will find the same high-quality components, and design that went in to my dad's world class consoles, and audio products.
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